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Group Outings

Bring a Group – Join a Group

Paddle boarding is fun when with people.  Bring some friends to experience paddle  boarding together, or bring your office to build the team.  Either way, get out and enjoy the experience with others.

Check out our Guided Paddles on our Group Outings here.

Just want to bring a group and enjoy the lake without a guide, check out the group discount rates at our SUP Rentals Page.

SUP Lessons and Fitness

SUP Lessons and Fitness

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The PaddleFit  Program

PaddleFit is a complete SUP and outdoor fitness system that takes you through a full physical assessment which we then use to develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your goals through both land based workouts, paddling technique and on water workouts.  All lessons are taught by SUP coaches certified by PaddleFit to teach proper technique to get the most out of your time on our paddle boards. Read More and view our rates click here to visit our  Paddle Board Lessons Page.